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How many courses are added a month?

Foreigncy aims to publish at least one new course a month for each language. On average, most courses contain five lessons.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes. In your account settings located on your personal profile page, you will see an option to Delete your account. Once you delete your account, it cannot be recovered and any course progress or saved flashcards will be permanently removed.

What if an article or video is removed online?

Because Foreigncy prepares you to read, watch and listen to real foreign language media, sometimes these items are removed by website owners or from YouTube. When that happens, use our Contact Us page to shoot us a note indicating the specific lesson that has been affected, and we will replace the lesson as soon as possible.

What is a Collection?

One of our new features Foreigncy offers is the ability for a user to create a Collection. A Collection is the ability to group courses of interest to you by topic so that you can more quickly access and focus on the courses and subjects that matter to you most. For instance, you can create a Technology Collection where you can group technology-related courses that you want to save and come back to in the future. You can access your Collections from your Personal Profile Page.

Creating a Collection

You can create a Collection from both your personal profile page in the Collections Tab or from our Course Menu by clicking the three dots that appear in the top right corner of a course box on the Course Menu.

After you’ve created a Collection you can add any course to it from either the Course Menu, your personal profile page, or once you’ve actually started the course.  From the Course Menu, you click the three dots and simply assign the course to a Collection you’ve created. Afterward, the Collection will appear in your personal profile.

What does a Foreigncy course consist of?

A typical Foreigncy course is composed of 5 lessons built around a related topic. The goal of a course is to help you build your foreign language vocabulary and proficiency around that topic. With every course you complete, you are awarded a badge based on the difficulty level. These badges are stored in your personal profile dashboard to help you track your accomplishments.

The goal of each lesson is to prepare you to read and/or watch foreign language media through our prepared digital flashcards and our timed click and match game. The video you are being prepared to watch is embedded on the lesson page and at the end of your exercises, you are taken to read an actual piece of foreign media on a website. Foreigncy’s lessons track your progress throughout the lesson to include the exercises you’ve completed, and your average flashcard score, the time it takes you to complete the click and match game. Lastly, you can easily export the vocabulary from our lessons to your preferred flashcard app and even save cards to your personal profile page where your overall progress, daily goals, and other tools are stored.

Does Foreigncy transcribe the lesson videos or translate the articles into English?

Foreigncy does not provide full transcripts of the lesson videos or provide a full translation of the foreign language articles into English. The goal of our lessons is to teach you the key vocabulary we’ve drawn from a foreign language article or video so that you can consume the media on your own and gradually help you build towards intermediate to advanced proficiency. Some of the videos for our lessons do contain subtitles to help you follow along and on occasion, the articles for the videos are a direct transcription of a video in the foreign language.

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