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Course description

The 2020 US Presidential Election is around the corner and already millions of Americans have cast their vote by mail-in ballot or visiting early voting centers. For this intermediate course, you will prepare to read a France 24 Arabic article reporting on the record number of Americans partaking in early voting as well as prepare to watch an Al Jazeera report that covers polling numbers in regards to Americans who are ready to accept the outcome of the election regardless of who wins. Lessons 1 through 3 will prepare you to read the brief article and the opening of the video while Lessons 4 and 5 focus solely on the video. As can be expected, this course is heavy on election-related vocabulary and covers many of the core terms and phrases necessary to read and watch Arabic media on this topic no matter which election it may be. Some of the key vocabulary for the course includes: التصويت المبكر - early voting; عن طريق البريد - by mail; عرضة للتزوير - subject to fraud; لإبطال النتائج - to invalidate the results; استمالة المشاركين - urging, wooing participants.

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