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  • intermediate
  • 25

Course description

This course takes a look at the Ethiopian-Israeli identity in Israel by examining the challenges facing the Ethiopian community as well as popping into an Ethiopian restaurant to take a close look at the rich cuisine that has come to serve as an ambassador of Ethiopian culture around the world. Lessons 1 - 3 will prepare you to watch a Hebrew news report in which the reporter interviews a group of Ethiopian-Israeli teens about their feelings following the shooting of Solomon Teka and the resulting demonstrations in 2019. The teens express a variety of emotions towards the discrimination and racism they have experienced as members of the Ethiopian community in Israel and their frustrations with the challenges that come with being an Israeli of Ethiopian descent. Lessons 4 - 5 will prepare you to read a Mako food article about a news team visiting the Ethiopian restaurant Addis Alem in Israel. The team learns the backstory to the founding of the restaurant and are exposed to a variety of rich Ethiopian dishes, both vegetarian, vegan, and meat. Some sample vocabulary from the lessons includes: הקורבן הבא - the next victim; לקחו לנו את הזכות - they took away our right; ממוצא אתיופי - of Ethiopian descent; בשלנית מחוננת - gifted cook; אל תוותרו - don't pass up

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