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Course description

In the face of a mounting economic crisis, Lebanon became the first Arab country to legalize Cannabis cultivation for medicinal and certain industrial use. Despite the fact that Cannabis was previously illegally in Lebanon, the country still ranked as one of the largest global producers of the plant. The decision to legalize Cannabis drew both support and opposition within the country, with some expressing hope that it will aid the country's ailing economy and others fearing that it could lead to increased drug consumption. For this course, you will prepare to read an Arabic article reporting on the legalization of Cannabis in Lebanon as well as watch an Arabic news report that covers the development and also reviews Arabic tweets in favor of or opposed to the legislation. The vocabulary for this course includes terms related to farming, the economy, and production. Additionally, Parts IV and V which prepare you to watch the video also include Lebanese dialect vocabulary which are primarily pulled from tweets. Lessons 1 - 3 will prepare you to read the article. Examples of the vocabulary for this course include: تدويخ - getting high; القنب الهندي - cannabis; للاستخدام الطبي - for medical use; شرّع . يشرّع - to legalize; تا ياخد حقوا (dialect) - in order to fulfill his right; راح يتوجّهون (dialect) - they'll approach

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