• Hebrew
  • intermediate
  • 13

Course description

For this course, you will prepare to watch a brief stand-up comedy routine by Israeli comedian Assaf Itzhaki. Each lesson in the course will cover roughly a minute or more of his routine. As a general warning, some of the vocabulary in this course is crude as Itzhaki jokes about sex and relationships. One of the main benefits of this lesson is the Hebrew slang that is covered in the video as well as the everyday vocabulary that Itzhaki uses while joking about various situations. Some of the key vocabulary from the course includes: נחשפתי לזוגיות - I was exposed to dating; להשפריץ , משפריץ - to splash, spray; להוריד תחתונים  - to take off your underwear; זה גובל בטמטום  - it borders on stupidity; זאת חתיכת טובה - this is a hell of a favor

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