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Course description

In late May 2020, Iran and Israel went tit-for-tat in a cyberattack exchange that raised tensions throughout the region. The cyber escalation began when Iran allegedly launched a cyberattack on Israeli civlian water infrastructure in rural areas, which Israeli officials say caused little damage. Despite the low level of damage, Israel stated that the attack crossed a red line. In response, Israel then reportedly launched its own cyberattack on the Shaheed Rajai port in the city of Bandar Abbas in Iran, causing significant damage to the port's traffic automation software systems. For this course, you will prepare to read one Arabic news article (Lessons I - III) on the Iranian attack on Israeli water infrastructure as well as watch an Arabic news report (Lessons IV - V) covering the Israeli counter cyberattack on the Iranian port. Despite the course dealing with some technical issues, the lessons are at the intermediate level. The vocabulary for this lesson is a nice combination of cyber, security, infrastructure, and shipping terms. Some sample vocabulary from the course includes three different ways to say cyberattack - هجوم السايبر , هجوم سيبراني, هجوم إلكتروني. Other vocabulary includes: to target - استهدف ، يستهدف ; attributed to - المنسوبة إلى; foreign  hackers - قراصنة اجانب; rural areas - مناطق ريفية

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