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Course description

Despite taking a very proactive and stringent approach to Coronavirus, Israel has also suffered from the global pandemic that has reshaped our lives. For this course, you will prepare to read a Hebrew article reporting on the nurses on the frontlines of Coronavirus in Israel and also prepare to watch a Hebrew news report that takes you inside an Israeli hospital treating Coronavirus patients. Both items focus on the medical professionals who are putting their lives at risk every day in order to treat Coronavirus patients. Lessons 1 - 3 will prepare you to read the article while Lessons 4 - 5 focus on the video. The Hebrew vocabulary for the course is focused on medical / hospital and social distancing vocabulary, equipping you with the proper tools to discuss Coronavirus in Hebrew or consume Hebrew media items reporting on the pandemic. Sample vocabulary from the course includes: אח , אחות - nurse; הידבקות - infection; בידוד - isolation; חולים מאושפזים - hospitalized patients; תרופה ניסיונית - experimental drug.

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