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Course description

This sophisticated-level course is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month and will prepare you to watch and read Arabic media reporting on breast cancer prevention and awareness. Lessons 1 - 2 are almost completely in the Levantine dialect. The lessons will prepare you to watch a woman in London speaking the Levantine dialect recap her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment as well as her advice to women in order to catch the disease early on. Lessons 3 - 5 will prepare you to read a brief CNN Arabic article on Breast Cancer Awareness Month and details three primary ways that women can detect and prevent the deadly disease. Some sample vocabulary from the lessons include: انا حسيت في ورم - I felt a lump; عيادات لندن - London clinics; سرطان الثدي - breast cancer; عرض ، أعراض - symptom(s); يتم تشخيص - are diagnosed.

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