• Arabic
  • advanced
  • 80

Course description

This course is dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement and the life of George Floyd. The first three lessons for the course will prepare you to read an article published by the UN about George Floyd's brother appealing to the UN to investigate police brutality and Lessons 4 and 5 will prepare you to watch an Arabic news report that details both George Floyd's death, the person that he was, and the legacy he has left behind. The vocabulary for all of the lessons deals heavily with racism, discrimination, police brutality, and human rights. Some of the key vocabulary from the course includes: الفصل العنصري - apartheid; وحشية الشرطة - police brutality; حياة السود مهمة - Black Lives Matter; العنصرية المتفشية - rampant racism; شهود عيان - eyewitnesses

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