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Course description

This course will take a close look at the lives of the deaf and blind in Israel and the challenges that these people face and overcome in their daily lives. The course will prepare you to read and watch five separate Hebrew articles and videos related to this topic. Lesson 1 introduces you to a deaf Israeli lawyer who overcame all the odds as well as a youth center for the deaf and hearing-impaired in Israel that faced serious economic difficulties and was on the brink of closing. The article for the lesson focuses on the lawyer while the video interviews children at the center who discuss the role the center has played in their lives and why it is vital. Lesson 2 will introduce you to a man who became blind and deaf as an infant as the result of a bad vaccination but who has turned his enhanced senses of smell and taste into a profession as a wine taster in Israel. Lesson 3 will prepare you to read and watch Hebrew media reporting on a blind man and his service dog who were denied service at a restaurant in Israel, primarily because the restaurant did not allow dogs in the restaurant, effectively denying the man to enter the restaurant with "his eyes". Lesson 4 will prepare you to watch a brief video of an Israeli sign language translator/interpreter who covers the main reasons why you should learn sign language and she also teaches some high-level signs.  Lastly, Lesson 5 will prepare you to read and watch Hebrew media reporting on an Israeli running group that was established for the blind and visually-impaired to offer them an equal opportunity to participate in sports and fulfill their dreams. Some sample vocabulary from the lessons include: מוגבלות מסוימת - a certain, specific disability; כלב נחייה חביב - lovable guide-dog; החירש עיוור - the deaf-blind (man); אנשים כבדי שמיעה - hearing-impaired people; לקויי ראיה - visually-impaired people

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