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Course description

This course takes an in-depth look at the Israel-UAE peace deal and how it's being received in the Middle East, specifically among the Palestinians who were by and large left out in the cold and were not part of the discussions. The course will prepare you to read and watch Arabic-language media reporting on the deal. Lessons 1 - 3 will prepare you to read an article published by Annahar about how the deal came about and what was going on behind the scenes. Lessons 4 - 5 will focus on a France 24 Arabic news report that largely focuses on the Palestinian people's reaction to the deal, both from the perspective of the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian public. The vocabulary for the lesson is focused on diplomatic terms but also contains some great Fusha and MSA Arabic expressions. Some sample vocabulary from the lessons include: تطبيع - normalization; الضم - annexation; تحفّظات - reservations, doubts; محادثات مباشرة - direct talks; الإجماع العربي - the Arab consensus; اتفاق سِري - secret agreement

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