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Course description

As election day is upon us, what better way to understand the complexities of our electoral system than to have an Israeli break it down for us with toys. For this course, you'll prepare to watch a brief video of an Israeli man puzzled by the US electoral system explain how it all works using toys and comparing the system to high school. In the video, the presenter touches on everything from the roles and responsibilities of the House of Representatives v. the Senate, to the popular vote, and also the electoral college and why it exists. As to be expected, the vocabulary for this lesson is focused on election-related terms and phrases but also contains a good amount of Hebrew slang such as פראיירית - a sucker; and חנונים - nerds. Some other vocabulary from the course includes: מאוד מבלבלת אותי - very confusing for me; מעומד - candidate; רודנות הרוב - the tyranny of the majority; להתפשר , מתפשר - to compromise; המרוץ לנשיאות - the presidential race

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