Language learning for students and professionals

Foreigncy’s language courses help students and professionals reach advanced and working proficiency in Arabic, Hebrew, and Russian.


Prepare to read, listen and watch real foreign language media

Foreigncy’s language courses prepare you to consume actual foreign language media on a diverse range of topics that are often overlooked in traditional language programs. Whether it’s discussing foreign policy, politics, the environment, social issues, or listening to foreign language music, Foreigncy will help you reach your language learning goals.

The value of real content

Learning a language through real content will better prepare you to use your language skills professionally and connect you to real-world topics and events. Foreigncy’s courses will prepare you to read, watch and listen to real foreign language media and give you the tools to turn your passion for languages into a calling.


Select your language course

Foreigncy has hundreds of foreign language lessons on a diverse set of topics to fill in any gaps in your language skills. Our training method and ever-growing database of courses will help you reach your language learning goals.

Strengthen and build upon your skills

Strengthen and build upon your language skills by enrolling in courses on similar topics or shift to an entirely new subject. Our lessons will help you build a comprehensive vocabulary and take your language skills to the next level.

Monitor your success

Monitor your success

Your personal language training dashboard is your central hub to monitor and track your progress and goals. It also serves as your personal study tool where you can save lessons that need more work as well as flashcards.

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